“Is Shakira cheating on her boyfriend with Rafael Nadal?”

GG is really not sure about this gossip .Though they're both denying it (because isn't that what you do when you're cheating on your significant other?), Shakira may be cheating on her boyfriend with tennis star Rafael Nadal. Who also has a girlfriend.

How pleasant. Here the fact and proof for that scandals .

Shakira shared a cozy meal with tennis star Rafael Nadal in Spain, sparking more rumors of a love match between the pair. They were spotted dining at the W Hotel in Barcelona after shooting a video together there late last week. Shakira earlier this month celebrated her 33rd birthday with longtime fiancé Antonio De La Rua, while Nadal has been dating high school sweetheart Maria Francisca Perello, aka Xisca, for nearly four years. An eyewitness told us of the Barcelona encounter, "There was just the two of them at the table together. They were whispering and all smiles. It definitely looked like they are more than just friends. They were there for a few days shooting."

 When did it become trendy for smoking-hot chicks to date tennis stars?* Back when I was in high school, the only people who got less action than the kids on the tennis team were the kids who dressed up as 10th level wizards for prom. I guess this new trend may finally explain why Chris Brown hasn't had much luck with the ladies -- he has to work on his backhand.

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