Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Engage

GG hear that Nicole Richie disclose the status of relationship with Joel Madden officially broadcast through the auspices of a public frenzy david letterman.antara confession was as follows her "Late Show" confession.

When Letterman asked the reality show star, "Are you engaged? Are you planning to get married?" to which Richie answered, "We actually recently are engaged, yes." Letterman then joked: "A lot of people will have children and then they don't want to rush right into the marriage -- you know, they wait 'til the kids get out of college, then they get married."

Richie went on to say that the fact that she and Madden have two kids has changed everything for the better. "Your whole life changes and your priorities change 100 percent," she said. "In the best way possible." Richie's "Late Show" appearance is set to air this Friday on CBS.

GG pleased because  heard her confession.Hope they will be happy and their love never dies to each other.

till then,xoxo;

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