Mischa Barton New Hair

Now GG wanna shared something with all of u,its about my lovely Mischa Barton new look. Mischa Barton leaves Byron & Tracey Salon in West Hollywood with a new blonde hairdo!

The 24-year-old actress spent a reported eight hours at the salon and unfortunately got a parking ticket - what do you think of her new look? 

Mischa recently told more! magazine (via FemaleFirst, “I like to have fun with fashion and make it my own. I like to try new shapes - sometimes it works, sometimes not, but it’s always fun trying, which is what fashion is all about!”

Now i know why she did that.We not loss anything to try various styles ,am i rite? However for me she is still beautiful and gorgeous.GG always be your side Mischa.Life Mischa haha 

till then ,xoxo

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