Tila Tequila Suing Everyone

Tila Tequila is going to sue everyone…everyone who doesn’t like her, that is. Tila has been acting a bit different lately…from getting over the death of her fiance Casey Johnson quickly, to getting married to the father of her baby to adopting a Russian baby. And those are just the high lights of the last four months!

Tila likes the spotlight, we all know that! From Monsters and Critics:
She launched a Facebook tirade that included the comment: ‘There are a TON of haters who have made at least 7 websites all dedicated to every minute of my life, making false allegations, calling me a liar, saying I am stealing people’s money for my charity, that I am not pregnant, etc, etc, etc.’
Tequila, a reality television star, said she had sent cease and desist letters to all of the said websites through her lawyers.
Oh boy. Are there really seven sites, just dedicated to Tila? I don’t think she really wants them to cease writing about her, she just wants better press coverage. What do you think?

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