Lil Wayne Goes To Jail

How can he be so lucky? Lil Wayne’s sentencing has been delayed yet again for the third time! As we previously reported, the rapper was supposed to be in prison last month but it was delayed because he had to undergo dental surgery.

The next court date was supposed to be on March 2 but a sudden fire at the New York Criminal Court building caused the sentencing to be pushed back…again! Now, the court sentencing will take place on Monday the 8th of March. 

The famous rapper will be spending a year in prison but might end up spending 8 months only due to good behavior, so behave yourself Lil Wayne! Usually if a person was found guilty of gun possession they would be put on probation but that is not applicable in New York where only law-enforcement officials and those affiliated with authorities can carry weapons.

So, is Lil Wayne qualified in any of those categories? Obviously he’s not. He is just a rapper protecting himself. Been lucky enough to get a reprieve, Lil Wayne made a surprise appearance at the Madison Square Garden where he went on the stage with Young Jeezy.

The fans were so happy to see him because it would probably be the last time until next year, that’s if nothing happens on Monday! If another postponement happens, I’ll be convinced some force doesn’t want him to go to jail! 

What do you guys think of this story?

till then ,xoxo

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