PANAS~Kisah Cinta Madonna-Bosan Namun Tetap Bersama!

GG cukup pelik dengan apa yang GG terbaca baru-baru ini mengenai kisah percintaan ikon Hollywood yang satu ini.Mesti korang duk sibuk nak tahu kenapalah agaknya GG duk sibuk ngan hubungan cinta dorangkan.GG duk bz sebab memang minat gila kat Madonna nie.

Baru - baru nie pun GG ada dengar humor kononnya dorang dah breakup,but it just media speculation.GG pelik juga sebab Madonna sendiri pernah kata kat media yang kononnya dia dah muak,jemu aka bosan dengan kekasih hatinya Jesus Luz. GG bukan x tahu dengan taip Madonna ni,well u know how she is.For her man just like wearing lipstick.Just choose which one suitable for her mood.

Apa-papun  baru-baru ini mereka masih lagi tampil mesra dikhalayak ramai buktinya Madonna masih lagi menunjukkan cumbuan mesranya kepada public. Yeah, I could see this. I think Jesus and Madge will break up when she’s ready to break up, and not a minute before. I tend to think of Jesus as Madge’s employee more than anything else - and he wouldn’t “dump” her without giving his two weeks notice.

However, In Touch Weekly does claim that there is trouble in Madge-and-Jesus-ville. Apparently, Madge is quite “bored” with Jesus, and she’s “distancing herself from him” because she’s “rekindled a friendship with her ex-husband Sean Penn.” Which has been my theory for a little while - that Madge’s next “boyfriend” will be a rekindled relationship with Sean Penn. We know he’s a repeat offender, at least in love. Anyway, Madge is “physically attracted to Jesus, but that is pretty much about it now… she’s already hinting that her relationship with him is coming to an end, but she’ll keep him as a friend.” I think “keep him as a friend”.What u think? Is she will  back to her x and leave Jesus?

Wait and see.. xoxo,

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