Jessica Biel Harus Berhati2 Kate Hudson Mungkin Akan Rampas Justin

Ingatkah anda SAG Awards(Jika anda ada menyaksikannya)? Penyampai pertama malam itu ialah Justin Timberlake dan Kate Hudson, dan GG menulis "GG rasa Jessica Biel harus menjaga serta memerhatikan gelagat JT dan Hudson.

Mengapa? Kerana mereka kelihatan begitu mesra sekali saat itu,sangat-sangat mesra gitu.Kalau GG kata terlalu mesra pun x salah rasanya . "See, sekarang Enquirer telahpun memuat turun cerita berdasarkan pemerhatian mereka.Antara intipatinya adalah bahawa Kate telah "membuat anggapan" terhadap hubungan cinta antara JT dan Jess.

Malah katanya dia yakin bahawa JT dan Jessica Biel mungkin xkan sampai kemana.GG dapat tahu kononnya Hudson ngan Justin nie pernah bercinta.Ntah betul ke tidak GG xpasti sangat but you all kan tahu Justin macam mana bukan.Sekejap dengan ini,esok dengan yg lain pula hehe.Mengapa GG kata camtue?ni bukan nak memfitnah tau i ader bukti lagi.Here are the highlights:

“Kate’s always had a thing for Justin, and after reading that his romance with Jessica Biel is over, she’s decided to make her move,” a close friend told the Enquirer. “They’ve known each other for years, but up until now, the timing has been bad.” At the SAGs, “Kate flirted with Justin outrageously that night, and he was all over her… they exchanged numbers in the green room.” Rumors persist that the love affair between Justin and Jessica has all but crumbled and that both are ready to move on. “Kate wouldn’t dream about stealing another girl’s guy. But in Hollywood, most people believe JT and Jessica are now all but over. They’re certainly not red-hot for each other anymore.” “Kate wants a man who is easy to be with. And that’s certainly Justin… but Kate’s not rushing into anything. She’s always had a crush on Justin and she’s following her instincts.” [From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 15, 2010] 

But if u all tanya GG , Kate needs to find a real man.Bukan JT, Alex Rodriguez,atau Owen Wilson (who I actually like, but who seemed to easily dominated by Kate). Kate perlu mencari seseorang yang sama prinsip denganya.Who isn’t going to fall for Kate’s succubus ways.Walaubagaimanapun JT is not that guy.

JT is the guy who would tap it and quit it in a half an hour or less. Second point: at what point does public perception about a couple’s eventual breakup become “cheating” or “infidelity”? Granted, I don’t think Jessica and JT are going to be around much longer either, but will Kate be blasted as a boyfriend-stealer if she makes a play (or continues to make a play) for JT wait and see.. xoxo,


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