Perempuan Paling Seksi

Actress Kate Beckinsale several times awarded the title of the sexiest women. Instead of pride, even Beckinsale many minds.

"I never felt a sexy body. We hear people gave me as a sexy girl, I'm actually a lot of thoughts and depressed," she said as quoted Female First, Friday (15/1/2010).

Most Sexy Women Awards received by the latest movie players 'Pearl Harbor' Esquire magazine's publication of the United States in October 2009 and then. Assessment section of Esquire magazine for women born July 26, 1973 not only from the purely physical, but also the achievement of her career.

Earlier in the year 2006, position Beckinsale Best 23 Women in the Front Section of Earth version of men's magazines, FHM. In 2003 she was also 36 years perched on the 16th ranked lansiran Maxim magazine.

However, while respecting Beckinsale although the award still could not release the burden of the sexiest girls.

"Every waking up when I remember the titles, so this weight back," she added laughing.


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