Nabil-Irma Putus?

If you lemon, romance and Nabil Raja Lawak today Hasmie Irma often boast busy. Not kerana couple announced they wanted to berkahwin, otherwise their separation into major issues.

However, whether any Nabil Want Irma, denying each of these cases. Once these issues at once quiet, suddenly today there are sources that tell GG Wordpress couple eventually separated. To ensure the truth of this gossip,Source said: Nabil had contacted for a reality than his own mouth.

Apparently this news is not so encouraging Nabil. According to the film hero 'Lu Think Yourself de Movie' is, his relationship with Irma is still good. So far been separated.

"I also do not understand why so now there are people who cuba news is not true. I and Irma are still together. In fact, I just sahaja meraikan birthday Irma on January 8 and then at the Red Box, Pavilion. As a token of my love for Irma, Irma I have presented a white gold chain, "explained Nabil to sOURCE.

With the rumors that are not constantly hit, some argue MARRIED is the best way to Nabil completing all speculation. However, this argument denied by Nabil.

"Indeed, I and Irma have been designed for THAT THING, but not in the nearest time it. There are many things that need me and Irma finish first. Going to let what people said as long as we are still together. This year 2010 I Want bisnes own mulakan first. Want to open my shop selling motor and accessories. If this desire is achieved, then I'll think about married.

"Irma was aware of my design and he did not have a problem with it. Irma have 'targets' to be bride at least through age 30 years. Right now she's just aged 28 years. Would that we have two-year period. However, I do not reject the possibility of early marry. Maybe end this year. It all depends on the circumstances, "explained Nabil again.

Busy acting
About acting career also, Nabil will appear with his latest film, 'Lu Think Yourself de Movie' which will air on February 11 began cinema front. Holding the same character name, Nabil, he is a hero to film this landing Rhapor Aminah.

According to him, for this film he's having a little difficulty in living up to Nabil character. This film kerana that requires him to play with various emotions, not just buffoon.

"This is the first film offered to me. But his description only begins after the complete description of 'Sifu and Tonga'. Although I brought the character itself, but it is not easy for me to live this character.

"I also need a serious action film because she's not a hundred-peratus buffoonery. Most difficult to act sad. Sense of not me. 's Known, I was always laughing course, "Nabil joke that when it was in Batu Pahat, Johor for the live portrayal" Nabil & Co. 'which will bersiaran on TV9.

In addition, slightly longer period will commence depiction Nabil latest film titled 'Bangladesh'. He will hold the main character for the film publications KRU Films Sdn Bhd is.


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