Happy Birthday Cruz Beckhams!

This entry was gg will not be talked about gossip,now strory about this celebritybaby, so whos child  is it? not foreign again, I is not no other one, if not longer Cruz Beckham's. 

If you do not know and if you want to know Cruz celebrated the birth day to five years yesterday Congratulations Cruz on your besday .GG wanted more and now you probably know what ambition Cruz when grows up.Which direction he will come? 

 Is this Cute child will become famous football players such as his father? Or a Hollywood star known as his mom.Who knows rite? GG think it look very difficult choice for him. 

Whatever the dreams and ambitions Cruz, GG pray that it is achieved. And may Cruz inherited noble hearts as his parents? Well you know they always willing to help those who suffer in problems.Is that Cruz will become bountiful as his parents?

Just wait 15 years more for its own witnesses 
yeahh Cruz said.
till then,xoxo;

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