Audrina Patridge Stalker in Jail

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At first I think, “hey it’s flattering to have a stalker”, but then when the stalker keeps coming around your house even on a restraining order, you have to finally draw the line. 

“The Hills” star Audrina Patridge has a similar stalker to mine, except Audrina’s stalker draws her pictures and brings them to the door of her home. 

I love when people draw pictures of me! It’s flattering and sweet! I guess Audrina doesn’t like the dude’s drawings, or maybe the repetitive visits to her home while he’s already on a restraining order bother her. 

Audrina called the cops this morning, and had stalker Zachary Loring arrested for coming over and knocking on her door again! Los Angeles Sarge Kyle Kirkman said he arrested Loring for “suspicion of stalking and violating a court order.”
Jail records state that Loring is being held on a $150,000 bail

till then;stay alert..stay a head:xoxo;


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