Katy Perry Mengandung??

Katy Perry and Russell Brand announced their engagement last month. Russell proposed to her while they were on a holiday in India in December. Katy is proud and happy about how things are going with their relationship.

The two had a kind of whirlwind romance. They fell in love at the VMAs in September and now they’re engaged! Katy assures that she’s found her match in Russell Brand. Well, is that really the reason or is it because of the rumored itty-bitty baby bump that Katy was seen sporting lately?

I’ve seen some of her pictures and well, there was some kind of bump there.
Maybe she had just eaten a tad bit too much when some of these pictures were taken? What do you think?

Katy herself seems to be squashing the rumors about her pregnancy when she tweeted that she was on her period!
Her reps have also stated that Katy is NOT pregnant ... do we believe them?

What do you think? Does Katy have a bun in the oven or not? Or is she planning to get knocked up soon?


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