Gemparr..Wartawan Gian Pegang "P" Beckham!!

It can not be denied the smartness and the implant body Beckham .No wonder so many women outthere madness about.David Beckham became idol for many people around the world.We shocked by this behavior of a woman journalist.So many who should just be curious figure Beckham private, such as what is done by a second holding Mr.P David Beckham.

Elena Di Cioccio is journalist Italy bold Mr.P squeeze happens when Beckham out of the restaurant leading to his car. The journalist shall direct attach him. Beckham even friendly welcome inquiries of reporters. When the discussion was warm, suddenly come up and squeeze Cioccio genital Beckham.

Torn Beckham surprised. It slowly backward, then forward some guard direct sprightly stop the incident.

Infact the journalist action is not without reason.We heard that she so curious to genital Beckham. Feeling curious because Beckham was born into pants in Armani ads and starred long enough Girl out there dont you there to try be like that.


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