Nicole Fox Named America's Next Top Model

The lovely Nicole Fox was pronounced the winner of America's Next Top Model last night. In other news, America's Next Top Model is still on the air!

Anyway, congratulations to the native of Louisville, Colo., who joins an illustrious group of past ANTM winners. Ridiculously successful models like ...

... help us out here if you know one.

Nicole Fox, a self-described 18-year-old dork who is just 5′7″ (diminutive in runway standards), is thrilled with the honor but a little overwhelmed.

“Coming in, it was obvious to everyone that I didn’t have the self-confidence, the presence of all the girls out there,” the show's 13th cycle champ says.

“I never say the right things. I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

f Nicole Fox was in over her head, she didn't show it. Time and again, she proved that her look and instincts were spot-on, winning several of the show's challenges.

“It seemed like the judges saw me being able to do [high] fashion as well as commercial modeling,” she said. “But beyond that, I suspect that Tyra Banks and the judges knew a lot of girls out there could relate to my personality.”

Now, having won a contract with Wilhelmina Models and CoverGirl Cosmetics, this small-town girl and A-student is ready to leave home and embark on a career.

One thing she's not ready for yet, however?

“I’m ready for the modeling world,” Fox says, “I’m ready to move all over the world if need be, but I’m not ready for a boyfriend!”



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