Adam Lambert Talks About Having Sex With Women Again

Adam Lambert opened up to Out magazine about his one, errant sexual experience with a woman. While the world knows Adam Lambert is gay, he insists on muddling the picture and making it appear as if he’s also romanced women as well. Or perhaps he just wants to convince America that women do indeed find him attractive.
But what he tells the magazine about his, er, downtown experience with a lady isn’t particularly flattering. We’re just glad we’d already finished lunch.
“It was a little gross because I don’t think she was as clean as she could’ve been. It wasn’t the act of it that really turned me off. I don’t really remember. I was 18 and I was drunk. Or maybe I was 17… The point of the matter is that I would not rule it out. The idea is intriguing….To some people, me being sexual is really offensive because I’m gay. They’re like, ‘He’s being really gay.’ And I’m like, actually, ‘No, I’m just being sexual.’ Male sexuality is frightening to America [but] female sexuality is all over the place.”

You can thank us later for the mental picture of Lambert with some poor unsuspecting woman (who isn’s feeling so fresh) in a compromising situation.


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