Anna is Friel with Her Body

We all enjoyed the pictures of Anna Friel nude in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We liked looking at them and we liked thinking about them. But we’re a sensitive website with a kokopelli tattoo to prove it so we wondered, “How does Anna feel about it?” Funny we should ask. She said on the Paul O’Grady Show:

“At first I was [nervous]. There was a whole debate about when we actually rehearse the nakedness for the first time. It was in a rehearsal room which was very stark and cold and under fluorescent lights.

She added: “It’s so brief and it’s not gratuitous, it’s not salacious. It’s about this guy who sees a naked woman for the very first time. It teaches him to be a bit more open about it and not so stuffy. We’ve all got them – they just look different!”

“I have never really had a problem with nakedness. I could sit here completely naked and be interviewed and not care. But I won’t be doing that, don’t worry!”


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