Tiger Woods Dated LeAnn Rimes

Before he became the poster child for deviancy, Tiger Woods once dated country singer LeAnn Rimes. Us Magazine says
Woods, now 34, and Rimes, 27, “went out a few times” before she wed soon-to-be ex-husband Dean Sheremet in 2002.
“They hooked up and everything,” the source [says]. “Tiger was really into her. He likes those blondes!”
Alas, Rimes’ dad protested. “Her dad almost had a heart attack,” the source adds. “And he made her stop seeing Tiger.”
Interestingly, both Woods and Rimes went on to have affairs during their marriages. Rimes had an on-set tryst with Eddie Cibrian while shooting the 2009 Lifetime movie Northern Lights.
So LeAnn went from dating a black dude to marrying a gay man to cheating on her gay husband with a married man. That’s what we in the Bible Belt refer to as “Satan’s Hat Trick.”

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