In a bombshell video interview the woman who first revealed the Tiger Woods cheating scandal in the worldwide explosive Enquirer exclusive now tells all in a video interview.

Ashley Samson told RadarOnline.com that Rachel told her about her affair with Tiger: "They were in love; she was in love with him and he was in love with her and they were going to be together forever.""

Rachel at first denied having an affair with Tiger, but then hired power attorney Gloria Allred who, sources say negotiated a settlement with Tiger. Even while Rachel lied publicly denying the affair, Ashley knew the truth.

Ashley told RadarOnline.com: "She read multiple text messages to me," from Rachel to Tiger. "One in particular saying that Tiger was saying that he wanted to be with her forever.

"She wasn't very discreet about it at all," Ashley remembered. "She was bragging about it and she gave us very graphic details about it."

In the aftermath of the ENQUIRER's bombshell worldwide exclusive, "(Uchitel) has made my life hell," Ashley said.

"I have been attacked by fans of Tiger Woods and friends of mine even are basically upset because she made me out to look like the bad guy when in fact the truth is he's the one that was cheating on his wife.

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