Manohara Yang Penipu Dan Bermulut Manis.

Jakarta Manohara and her mother, Daisy Fajarina, again coming under attack from the former nearby people. After Shaliha, now Rudi, a former assistant Mano and Daisy.

Rudy admitted that he felt deceived by Manohara, especially Daisy. When the case first sticking Mano, Rudi soap is ready to help players 'Manohara', and Daisy to appear in the media and tell their stories.

Rudi said that she felt sorry to hear confessions Mano experiencing violence allegedly committed by Tengku Muhammad Fakhry, Prince of Kelantan. But rather than resolve legal issues or health check, Manohara circumference instead of one television to another television.

"Instead of directly vise and all kinds, even to the media roadshow. Business she wanted to be an actress or something, that's her. But it finish its legal problems. I really disappointed and feel cheated. The proof 3 previous attorney to withdraw," said Rudi when found in the canteen Atma Jaya University campus, Wednesday (11/11/2009).

Rudi disappointment increased when Kuala Lumpur High Court sentenced Manohara and Daisy proven guilty spread slander against Tengku Fakhry. All of these series of events like open sores Manohara and Daisy.

"I'm Feeling lied to. With the promise and the lure of all kinds, but they only use it for popularity," he said.

Rudi ask the Mano and Daisy to be more honest and responsible in the act. Because sooner or later, all their lies would be exposed.


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