Lady Gaga Perkenalkan Fesyen Rambut Baru

Lady Gaga's not his name if not able to make a public fascinated with his appearance. This time not with the dress 'bloody' or hair ornaments orbit, but the blond singer appeared with hair 'crazy'.

Reporting from the Daily Mail, Friday (8/1/2010), attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, United States, January 7, 2009 and then, Lady Gaga again experimented with his appearance. After successfully popularized the hair with a ribbon shape, now he returned to play with her hair. This time shaped hats.

Brief if seen, chanter 'Just Dance' that seemed to appear with heat-retaining cap width. However, if more careful, 'cap' is in my head is blonde hair arranged in such a way.

Lady Gaga make rigid and long hair made her head around like a big hat. In the middle, so the hair is coiled like a hat head.

The Poker Face It combines quirky hair style with a plain black tulle dress, and round black glasses


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