Nicole Kidman opens up about “strange sexual fetish stuff” to British GQ

She has always remained tight-lipped about her ten-year marriage to actor Tom Cruise and vows she will take all her secrets to the grave.

But in one of her most revealing-ever interviews, Nicole Kidman let slip how her experiences of love ranged from ‘mundane’ marriage to ‘strange sexual fetish stuff’.

The 42-year-old actress, currently married to country singer Keith Urban, said her life had been about exploring different types of love.

‘I’ve explored obsession. I’ve explored loss and love in terms of being in a grief-stricken place, I’ve explored strange sexual fetish stuff, I’ve explored the mundane aspect of marriage, and monogamy,’ she said.

But while she confessed she had previously experienced the ‘mundane’ side of relationships, she described her present marriage as ‘raw’ and ‘dangerous’.

‘You work on it,’ she said. ‘It’s a very extraordinary, adventurous place to be: incredibly raw, incredibly dangerous and you’re very much out at sea. You’re exposed. You could drown.

‘When you commit to someone like that, you live and die together by that decision.’



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