Is SPF Holding A Gigantic Cheeto?!

While us mere mortals feast on the regular-sized Cheetos, Brit Brit's royal Cheetolings nibble on majestic Cheetos from the processed foods GODS! SPF's potato-sized Cheeto is not to be confused with Cheetos Giant. That shit is child's play for SPF. Well, since he's a child, I guess that would mean it's fetus play for him.

Anyway, here's Brit Brit looking sophisticated and glamorous in the best fashions Big Lots has to offer while strolling around in Sydney, Australia with her Cheetolings and her bought-and-paid escort.

You know, upon further inspection of SPF's giant Cheeto, it looks kind of plastic. Oh Cheesus. Don't say it's a Cheeto dildo. DON'T! I would hope that Brit Brit keeps that locked up.

till then;


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