# Name: Britney Spears
# Birthdate: December 02, 1981
# Birthplace: Kentwood, Louisian


Perhaps no single individual has captured the public’s fascination with celebrity so complexly in recent years, as Ms. Spears. Endlessly fascinating to her fans and devilishly intriguing to her critics, she’s both the gift that keeps on giving (to the media) and at the same time, a hugely popular recording artist. In the last decade she’s risen from teen pop ingĂ©nue — to megastar.

There’s the girl-next-door/school girl Britney — who has managed to combine (and successfully sell) a searing sexuality melded to a Southern cheerleader wholesomeness; one which has influenced a young generation of girls the world over.

And then there’s in-and-out of court/nightclub / barefoot in the gas station bathroom Britney — who has managed to both stimulate and appall celebrity-hungry pop culture fanatics the world over.

Her antics offstage, including a 3-year relationship with fellow Mickey Mouse-club-teen-turned-superstar Justin Timberlake, a 55 hour marriage to childhood Jason Alexander, and her publicly bitter divorce (and subsequent custody battle over children Sean Preston and Jayden James) with back-up dancer Kevin Federline have provided an endless amount of fodder for fan mags and lunchroom confabs.

Britney has become a riddle whose solution hasn’t been revealed. She’s talented, relentlessly driven and more than just a little bit self-destructive. From her place as one of the best-selling female artists of the last decade, she has taken more than a few risks, raised tons of eyebrows, and continues to produce appealing and successful music for her adoring fans.

fun facts


In her childhood, Britney was an accomplished gymnast.

Britney appeared on Disney’s “New Mickey Mouse Club” from 1993-1994, joining a select group of other MMC alums, including Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake & Ryan Gosling.

Justin wrote the song “Cry Me A River” about his break-up with Britney. They dated for three years before splitting in 2002.

Britney was married to her childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander for just 55 hours, in 2004.

At age 8, Britney began studying at the New York’s Professional Performing Arts School.

Britney is the only solo female singer to have four consecutive studio albums debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200.

Brit and Paris Hilton were both selected by Mr. Blackwell in 2006 to top his infamous “Worst Dressed” list.


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